Trevor Noah in Great Britain (submitted by Kasu Jamal)


Indian Parents Expectation


Ever wondered how they composed the music for
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?



Look at what has happend to our beloved Kenya.

The clip that follows was shown on the PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) network in the USA. You be the judge!


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SHORT CLIP on MOMBASA (courtesy Munim Lakhani)



Please click on the pause button (in the separate browser window) to stop the music before you play the Chakula Ya Kenya video below. You can restart the songs when done.

This was the best hotel on Mombasa Island before the Oceanic Hotel was built. Do you remember this hotel's original name and location?

From:   Zaitun Jiwa (Samji)
Date:   Sunday, January 18, 2009
It is Palace Hotel on kilindini road.  How Can I forget this hotel, belonging to Fatma Mawji''s (Jivraj) parents???  We used to spend her every birthday there for years!!!  Remember Fatma???

Those good old days!!!!
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